PICTURE manual JOB setting (to look at or print)

When designing your advertisement, you have different options depending on the chosen job package. Similarly, you can customise the text like in Word. Ensure your bodies good to describe. 300-500 words would be important for the ability to find by Google.

In addition, you can edit the text according to your requirements and customize later.

How it works:

• Select a suitable job package first. To see the later view, click the link (so your ad will look like). Alternatively, you can also click the link "live example" button, then you can see the possibilities on a test page.

Now you need to register • at sea jobs, so that you can receive all applications or backend in their personal edit
• You can now set the first job. (the payment occurs after the setting of the first job)
• You enter the title / occupation of the advertised post.
• Fill in as far as the fields as necessary. Optional fields (keywords, etc.) can be also useful if you want to be informed on possible candidates by mail.
• Edit the text and enter your information about the position or company.
• Check your company and contact data and change it if necessary.
• Upload a logo to the appropriate place if you would like this.
Upload the desired image or video files • (unless it is included in your job package).
•Check your details at the end again.
• You pay your job package. Then it is released within 24 hours. In context, additional modules (E.g. are according to the agreement, Employee pictures and statements to the company) incorporated in the job advertisement. This is an exchange of mail with the desired content.