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For people who would like to live on the Frisian islands, Helgoland, the Halligen and the Baltic coast, the labour market is almost out of reach for mainlanders. We would like to change this and offer you and the local employers with meerjobs.de a marketplace where the providers with vacancies present themselves to you. Employers are now in competition with the best employees. Especially on the islands of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, there are a large number of open workplaces and exceptional living conditions:
The island of Helgoland is a typical example here. It is very safe and with Kita and school ideal for families. With short distances, you can quickly and easily enjoy the benefits of a holiday island. The transport links are very good. New additional housing will be created in the next few years. Please represent your strengths as an employer in order to target suitable applicants.
Typical employers in Helgoland include not only hotel owners and restaurateurs, but also the municipality itself, the offshore wind farm operator MeerwindMW GmbH, the energy giant Eon as well as numerous local companies and companies.
The jobs on offer are also wide-ranging from room care assistance in daycare, the school's special education teacher, the steward and the helgdess of the Helgolandline, the classic chambermaid for hotels and accommodation, to the offshore manager Or service technician of the wind farm facilities.

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