Please send us your details by email and we create your jobs from it!
1. How to contact with personal data

We can create a contact with the following information:

• Title, first name and name
• Street number, postal code city, country – if you wish to receive applications by mail
• email address – if you wish to receive applications by E-Mail
• Telephone number
• Mobile number
• Fax number (??)

2. Details of the Bill recipient

For billing purposes, we need the following information:

required (will not be published)
• Title, first name and name
• Road house number, postal code, country
• a valid email address
Optional (will not be published)
• Their VAT identification number if your company has not in Germany
• Your character / your message – for your internal use to the assignment of the invoice

3. Information about the advertisement

We can use this information to create your job ads (example):

• Title of the advertisement – max 60 characters
• Short description of the advertisement – max 200 characters (SEO)
Yes/No • you want to highlight as "TOP Job"-
• long text for the advertisement – maximum 60,000 characters
• desired release date – date (now up to max. 3 months later)
• Your deadline – date (in the future)
• How would like to get applications – by mail, by email or online
• URL to the application form – if you would like to receive online applications
• Images – Max 3 pictures per advertisement

4. Information about the company profile

We can use this information to create your company profile (example):

• Company name – max 60 characters
• Legal form – GmbH, AG, KG, OHG, E.k…..
• Short description of the company – maximum 200 characters
• long text to the company – up to 2,000 characters
• Foundation year
• Industry
• Company headquarters – max 60 characters
• Number of employees
• Annual turnover – max 60 characters
• URL of your Web site
• Your own career Web page URL
• URL of your Twitter profile
• URL of your Facebook profile
• URL your Google +-profile
• URL of your YouTube profile
• Logo – Max 1 logo per company profile
• Images – Max 3 images per company profile

5. Notes to the delivery

Simply send us your jobs by email (contact see above). Either you write your content directly in plain text in your email. Or send us your content as a file attachment with your E-Mail. We can use the following file formats:
• TEXT (.rtf or .txt),
• WORD (.doc or .docx) or
• PDF (.pdf) with copiable texts (not protected, not rasterized).
If you want to your logo or your images us for your job ads available, please submit it as a file attachment along with your email. We can use the following formats:
• Logo: .png, .jpg, .ai or .psd (during delivery as a vector file please writings advance rasterize) and
• Images: .png, or. jpg.