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Frequently asked questions and answers

In this field, we have gained our answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Was ist und wie funktioniert es? – publish company jobs (see example) in the Frisian region of Helgoland and the Baltic Sea. With a company profile (see example) on, companies have the ability to imagine potential applicants and applicants as an employer.
Our website is so programmed that it works on all modern browsers. For our visitors and visitors who use a mobile device – such as a Smartphone or Tablet – we have optimized our site (responsive design).
In the development of our Web site, we have taken on a possible ease of use and comprehensive functionality. We hope that the use of our website is self explanatory. On this page, we have compiled a small help in addition. Like to write us a message if you have any other questions.

Ist Meerjobs für die Suchenden kostenlos?

Yes, for you as a visitor searching is free to job advertisements on The set of jobs cost depending on the package. See also

Muss ich mich auf registieren?

No, you must not register as a visitor, to see job ads.
As a company you must register to post your jobs on If you have problems with the creation of the display, you can send us an email, we look at then like your ad before the release. Each ad is subjected by us prior to the release of a control and customized SEO according to. So you can be sure that no indication is published that meets not the AGG, as well as your and our claims.

Wie kann ich Stellenanzeigen auf schalten?

How it works:
• Select a job package.
• You enter the title / job title of the advertised post.
• Fill in as far as the fields as necessary. Optional information (E.g. Can tags) but also be useful, if you want to be informed about possible candidates by E-Mail.
• Edit your text and enter your information about the position and your company. If possible, write 300 or more words.
• Check your company and contact data and change it if necessary.
• Upload a logo to the appropriate place if you want to do this.
Download the desired image or video files • premium high.
•Check your details at the end again.
• place your order. The payment on account or via PayPal. You will find a guide here: sea jobs-job-eingeben.pdf.


We also personally ask them more questions. Our contact information is on the contact page.

Jobs suchen

Four search areas, with which you can search jobs are in our search:
All jobs (full text search), region search, category search, job type restriction, distance and sorting the results.
Use the full-text search
This is a "normal" search function, i.e. As usual, you can use free search terms of your choice. By pressing the button "Return" is searched.
Use the region search
This search option is divided into many regions: for example "Heligoland", "North Frisia", "Frisian Islands" and "Frisian Islands".
Each section contains entries that are generated from the selected job offers.
By selecting an entry – for example "Heligoland" – brings you directly to the corresponding job offers.
Use the category search
Here, you can select multiple categories. Any other selected category shrinks the result set.
Job type constraint
Here, you can display only the jobs by clicking out of each job type you need.

Wie kann ich Partner von werden?

Our partners share our commitment to the region. You support us with your publication of vacancies on or with a note on the portal on your own Web site Here we see above all the local businesses on Heligoland, the Frisian region and the Baltic Sea.

Hinweise zum AGG

With the General equal treatment Act (AGG), the legislator in the labour code (articles 6-18) aims at the prevention or elimination of "Discrimination based on race or ethnic origin, sex, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual identity".
Please consider this objective in the setting of new employees, as well as in the creation of jobs. Below you will find some hints (not exhaustive) for the practical implementation of the law in relation to your job ads on
In these areas we point out again, that the respective advertiser (contact the respective company) is responsible for the content of jobs (see also section 6 of our terms and conditions).
Formulations without discrimination
All applicants and applicants should equally be taken into account when determining vacancies on and experienced no discrimination.
You should therefore definitely not choose formulations to discriminate on the basis of their race, ethnic origin, religion or belief against applicants (direct discrimination).
Of course you should talk to also all applicants and applicants – completely neutral and independent of gender / sexual identity, age or disability if you have.
If you E.g. a "dental assistant" or a "Carpenter" search, you should formulate better as: "Dental assistant" or "Carpenter / Carpenter" or "Dental Assistant (f/m)" or a "Carpenter (w/m)".
We appeal to you as our advertising customers, not only to formulate this, but specifically to implement in your company!
Requirements without disadvantages
If you formulate requirements to the candidate or the candidate in your job advertisement on, make sure indirect disadvantages also, E.g. on the basis of inappropriate professional requirements, to avoid.
Not every person is similar in the working life "resilient, flexible and mobile" as you.
Also he or she not more or less comfortable feels may be in a "young team" as a group "old hands".
Of course wish you only the best new employees and employees as a reinforcement for the workforce – but should the discriminatory wording requests such as "dynamic", "reliable", "learn" or "willing to learn" as well as similar detrimental adjectives do better without.
You as the advertiser we wish that you design according to your requirements and take into account in the company in everyday life!
Neutral images
To each job advertisement and each company profile on you have the possibility to upload 1 image and this in your ad or to represent in your profile.
Potential applicants can get a good impression by her – possibly – future working environment. Take this opportunity to present itself as an attractive employer:
Like you can imagine also the employees of your company – please also pay attention to a neutral presentation and avoid homogeneous image compositions (E.g. only men, only young minds, only people of an ethnic group).
We wish you colorful, appealing pictures and diversification by employees in your company!
Neutral application documents
In addition, you should formulate no invitation to submit a job application photos and also not to specify of the age in your ad text!