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Current profile?

How to create a contemporary profile? Is a cover letter still important. Where and how do I take a picture? How do I deal with the questions of the desired content?
All questions that we will answer in the FAQ below.

Zeitgemäßer Lebenslauf

An application without resume is like a car without fuel. As such an application without well-made CV simply doesn't work. It is therefore the most important criterion for the invitation to the interview. Because he is the poster child or the basis of your professional life! As a result all information should be in your resume included, that describe your life career (primarily). Of course, including your school and college days must be expelled.
The following 6 rules that are important for a perfect CV:
  • Your CV should be anti chronologically. So the last stop at the top
  • present your career clear and easy to understand
  • Back up your data with applied examples
  • place your application photo on your cover page top left
  • establish your ability, describe and show what you know
  • the extent of your CV should include two or three pages depending on the working age


Whether writing on Yes or new. In recent years, opinions differ here.
The difference arises from the fact that the cover letter often profitably portrayed as too little. Here too rarely gives additional information. We plead to the available to use space for the proper use and not for standard letters. Especially when the majority of the applicants are not to give a personal touch, through a personalized cover letter you can hereby stand out from the crowd. Such work of course only makes sense, if you can really say something special to the site. Otherwise, the cover letter is otherwise not more than integral to each application to see.
That the value of the letter is dropped at the present time, is no longer a secret. Writing as the main instrument for the longed-for job has been viewed recently, resumes/CVs are nowadays becoming increasingly important. The high number of applications in ever-shrinking time resources on pages of HR management is responsible. Because if an applicant brings the appropriate experience, is the fastest check in the curriculum vitae.

Wie und wo mache ich ein Foto?

An application without a photo but unfortunately also not very promising is legal Yes its a year (anti discrimination Act (AGG)). But before the selection of the photographer and or the own analysis is the photo chain.
  • What impression would I leave the Viewer?
  • Which properties with an optimal application photo in the right light move?
It's not so much of course, that- or that you find appealing. Rather, the first impression should be such that they fit to the desired position. A conservative application photo is therefore less a creative professional and vice versa. The application image is neither to change the person, nor a production, but to a coherent overall picture – in the double sense of the word.
Tips and examples for the application photo
It all starts with the subtleties of each viewer perceives from at least subliminally and having still influential in their effect. About whether you smile on the application image or not. That can make a world of difference already.
Such subtle tricks belongs but also, that the hair is neatly combed, that the clothing is free of stains and lint-free and no unsightly wrinkles. Sloppy-bound tie knot or poorly done makeup are also taboo. As well, it forbids to use an old photo of the application. At the latest at the interview, the optical opposition usually ensures irritation. Probably suffers from its entire credibility.
EXTRA Tip: Experiment with different head poses and perspectives. Already, a slight inclination or rotation can completely change the impression of your profile.


The content question should, be called if not already in the application named in the second interview. But, that should come from the AG. Only if no information on them are taken until the end of the interview, you should ask. But also for the content, there are many game modes. We explain some of these below:
Different than a salary increase's the premium an additional payment that is due when a certain service was provided. Reaching a previously jointly defined goal, in a specific time period this rewarded the company with a cash prize.
Money is not everything – leisure is often valuable. Instead of a pay raise might therefore appealing, to ask for additional vacation days. Mathematically, you have even an additional earnings, which nothing has cost the company–and gives the employees a balanced work-life balance then in the ratio of working time to content!
Gratuity is special payments generally about labor costs also. The most popular bonuses include Christmas bonus, vacation pay, or a "reward" at about the anniversary.
Otherwise as the premium, a bonus refers to a holistic company results, such as for example the profit at the end of the year. Whether a bonus is paid, depends on not only from the own performance, but how successful the other employees bring the company forward.
In more and more companies, company cars are not only a privilege of the Executive Board. Increasingly, hence employees be equipped, are traveling much for the company. Also a company car is used as a reward for outstanding achievements. Who goes with powerful arguments for such an alternative to the raise in the conversation, has quite good chances.